Replacement Lenses Evil Eye Evo - Basic Lens

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Basic lens replacement filter for Evil Eye Evo / Evil Eye Evo Pro cycling and sports glasses from Adidas Eyewear:

Athletes who are exposed to extreme lighting conditions also need corresponding protection for the eyes. The greatest glare protection among the Adidas interchangeable lenses is achieved by the Space Lens. These filters protect your eyes from bright and energetic light, which occurs especially in the high mountains. The disadvantage of these replacement filters is that they are prohibited in traffic due to their immense glare protection.

Due to their high light absorption (87%), Gray Lens achieve the best effects on bright days and maintain the color beauty of the landscape. In contrast, there are the yellow lenses with an anti-fog layer. These yellow replacement filters improve visibility in fog and overcast weather by brightening the surroundings. Clear Lens are the simplest replacement filters from Adidas Eyewear. They still shield your eyes very well from wind, dirt and UV radiation. The clear lenses are ideal for nighttime sports activities. Like the yellow filters, the clear lenses also use the anti-fog coating.
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