Outdoor, sports and environmental influences Sunglasses are not just sunglasses. In addition to a perfect fit, our glasses offer you good protection against environmental influences. They also enable high-contrast vision. Basically, they are suitable for outdoor activities. In sports, sports glasses must fit properly and offer protection. The best protection for the eyes is sports glasses, because they protect against weather and environmental influences.

The sports glasses support high-contrast vision In our online shop you can get the sports glasses for sports in various designs tailored to the outdoors. In addition to protection, our sports glasses ensure a good fit with every movement. Wear our sports glasses for protection, because despite the environmental influences such as wind and weather, the glasses sit and enable high-contrast vision. Outdoor, weather and sports When you exercise outdoors, you are exposed to environmental influences. The weather suddenly changes. Protection is all the more important. The sports glasses give you protection in both good and bad weather. In addition, our sports glasses allow you to see in contrast to the seat despite the changing weather. This means you are equipped for a stay outdoors. Outdoor, protection and environmental influences As a golfer you act in this sport in any weather. If you are hinting at the green, our sports glasses will help you in all lighting conditions because they fit well and allow you high-contrast vision.

They guarantee you protection in any weather, sit and allow high-contrast vision. Sports glasses are characterized by high-contrast vision, as is necessary in sports. Sports glasses that meet the requirements of the outdoors are suitable for outdoor sports when it comes to high-contrast vision. Outdoor and golf What the weather is like, what environmental influences work, whether the wind blows, sports glasses that sit are suitable for protection against environmental influences. We have sports glasses for golfers. The models fit ideally, especially when environmental influences require high-contrast vision. High-contrast vision is important on the golf course. The sports glasses must also fit. So you can adjust to outdoor sports and concentrate on your game. Tinted sports glasses are advantageous for environmental influences. In hardly any other outdoor sport you have to see well over changing distances.